Arie Abrams

Meet Arie. The good girl. The overachiever. The one nobody would ever suspect.

Arie Abrams is the perfect teenager, and all the adults know this because she doesn’t have time to be anything else. She captains the debate team, writes for the school newspaper, and heads the student body council, all while maintaining a 4.96 GPA. She excels in her academics, both standard and magical, and is a social butterfly. She’s stretching herself thin in hopes of graduating Cicely’s School for the Gifted as valedictorian and going to her dream college. She doesn’t have time for trouble.

Arie’s the one reigning Desonjia in when she gets out of hand. She scolds her older brother when he neglects his responsibilities. No one has to check and see what Arie is doing because she’s probably just studying or journaling or giving a new student a campus tour. She’s trustworthy. She knows what to do and the adults in her life trust that she’ll do it.

Yes, Arie Abrams is the perfect teenager. But it’s easy to seem like the perfect teenager when no one is looking.

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