Marshawn Bryce

Meet Civil. The renowned rapper. The CEO. The reformed gangster who is doing everything in his power to keep from becoming who he used to be.

Marshawn “Civil” Bryce knows how to do business. And if certain people have an issue with how and with whom he does business, that’s not his problem.

He learned his skills in the streets and honed them in the studio, ultimately deciding to make the latter his home. Years after selling his last eight ball, Civil is committed to keeping his hands clean, keeping his mind on his music, and keeping himself out of another courtroom. His lyrics may reflect his past life, but his present and future tell a story that he won’t let end the way his teachers, parents, and childhood therapists said it would.

At this point, he’s all about counting, spending, and making money. He expected his former best friend to leave her street mentality and embrace her new lifestyle too, but he and Tailyn have always been different. He’s calm, cool, and collected. She’s a powder keg. As a team, they balanced each other.

As rivals, they’re each other’s biggest threats.

Civil is a different man now. The only problem is that no one knows Tailyn like he does. No one can handle Tailyn like he can.

So he may just have to remind his old friend exactly why he’s no longer the Marshawn that only she knows. 

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