Tai Westbrook

Meet Tai. The mogul. The superstar. The hood princess who can’t seem to shake her street mentality.

Tailyn “Fantasy” Westbrook beat the odds. Her parents died, so she assumed the motherly role for her siblings when she was eleven. Her aunt wouldn’t provide more than fast food and warm beds, so she connected with a cousin and learned how to hustle with the best of them when she was fifteen. And she took to that lifestyle like it was made just for her.

Now, following many late-night studio sessions and even more one-off schemes to make a dollar, twenty-six-year-old Tailyn is an international superstar. As the old saying goes, though, you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. Fantasy is a hip-hop sensation, but Tai is just a grown-up version of the teenager who ran plays with her friend-turned-rival, Marshawn. She’s not afraid to trade her microphone for her trusty Beretta when the situation calls for it.

And between her beef with Marshawn and her sister Monroe’s sudden desire to test her limits, a lot of situations are calling for it.

Monroe is Tailyn’s priority. Marshawn is a snake.

And since Monroe refuses to heed her warnings about him, it’s time for Tailyn to rob Marshawn of the one thing his money can’t replace…

His life.

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